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EGI Business Group is a firm that operates in the Real Estate Consulting and Management market that identifies, produces, manages and implements investment opportunities in Real State. Develops and manages a diversified financial portfolio in assets and companies of its own or of third parties through management processes, project execution and asset management service, seeking efficiency between construction and project execution in order to deliver maximum financial profitability to clients, allies and investment partners.

Within the current competitive environment, it is critical for developers, owners or investors in real estate assets, to remain attentive to trends and market evolution to respond appropriately to the appearance of new opportunities

Working methods

Our work methodology is characterized by making high value-added products and services available to our clients, investors and partners, through an adequate analysis of needs based on the different types of projects.

Integrating our services (investment, valuations, due diligence and asset management) in each of the markets in which we operate allows us to offer the best service with the greatest specialization

Project design and structure
Due diligence and preparation of the transaction
Promotion and Negotiation
Organization and Preparation of the Property
Final Negotiation and Closing
Project Execution










Comprehensive Advice on Patrimonial Reorganizations

We provide strategic advice to companies, family offices or investors to increase their value through improvements in the use of their real estate assets.

Structuring and viability of real estate projects.

We develop value generation models that take into account marketing and income generation strategies; the efficiency of real estate assets, market expectations and the sustainability of the project / business of our clients, partners or investors.

Integral Gestion of projects

Comprehensive advice on real estate investment operations. Our experience as developers and international intermediaries allows us to manage assets efficiently. From the Design, Structuring and execution of it.

The management of INVESTMENT AND DIVESTMENT for third parties of Real Estate Assets

Advice to rigorously establish the optimal strategy when intervening in a real estate investment or divestment process of one or more real estate assets. Investing or disinvesting, in both cases, will always aim to make your investment profitable in the short, medium or long term.

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